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Horsehair does not naturally deteriorate over time (although it can be damaged) and horsehair jewellery will last a lifetime if properly cared for.  Here is how to keep it at its best:

  1. Avoid strong chemicals - in particular do not use bleach to clean horsehair as this will weaken and damage it.

  2. Avoid singeing by fire - for example, do not cook over an open barbecue flame whilst wearing a horsehair bracelet

  3. Avoid the risk of abrasion - wearing a horsehair bracelet whilst working on the yard carries the risk of scratching it - best to cover it up or take it off. Velcro cuffs can also damage horsehair bracelets. If you want to wear your jewellery 24/7, a choker or necklace is ideal as it is safe from damage next to your skin and under your clothing.



 Horsehair jewellery is not damaged by water and can safely be worn in the shower or bath. If your jewellery needs cleaning, use warm water and a little Fairy liquid or similar to dip or soak it in.  Gently rub with your fingers to remove dirt, or even use a very soft toothbrush very gently. Finally rinse with warm water and pat dry. The Sterling Silver end caps and clasps can be cleaned with silver polish on a soft cloth - try not to get this on the horsehair.


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